benshiFeatured Event

  1. Sat. 2/23, 7pm, Nat. Sci Aud, FREE!
  2. A silent film screening with a professional Benshi Performance.

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Featured Event

  • CoffeeScreening: Coffee Future
  1. Mon. 2/11, 4:00-5:30pm, Lane Hall, Rm. 2239, FREE!
  2. “Coffee Futures” (22 min., color, 2009, Turkish with English subtitles) is the first in a series of short ethnographic films that explore contemporary Turkish politics through the prism of the everyday life of women. The film weaves together the Turkish custom of coffee fortune telling with Turkey’s decades-long attempt to join the European Union, revealing the textures of a society whose fate has long been nationally and internationally debated. It investigates the collective psychology of anticipating an uncertain national future.

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Dirty Energy PosterFeatured Event

  • Screening: Dirty Engergy
  1. Thurs. 2/7, 7pm, 1300 Chem, FREE!
  2. Special free screening with Q&A after film with Director Bryan D. Hopkins.

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