FVSA 12-13Originally created to run Lightworks, the Screen Arts and CulturesDepartment Student Film Festival, the FVSA has expanded to connecting the University and Michigan and Ann Arbor communities through cinema.

This not only includes hosting and posting events, but also networking with other students that enjoy motion pictures.

Contact us via Facebook, Twitter Youtube.

Check out a meeting:

Sundays: 7pm-8pm

Mason Hall Rm. G437


Visit us in our Office

4345 on the 4th floor of the Michigan Union

We look forward to your contributions.

  1. I’m trying to get in touch with one of the student leaders of this group. U of M alum Ryan Carmichael (and former Assoc VP) is visiting campus next Thursday, 10/3, to talk about his experiences in the NYU Grad Film program, working on his first feature film, and the Kickstarter campaign he’s currently running for the film. We wanted to see about collaborating with the Assoc on the event. Please contact me for more details.

    And here’s the KS campaign: http://kck.st/18OMZzK


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