Dirty Energy PosterFeatured Event

  • Screening: Dirty Engergy
  1. Thurs. 2/7, 7pm, 1300 Chem, FREE!
  2. Special free screening with Q&A after film with Director Bryan D. Hopkins.

This Week’s Events

Wed. 2/6

  1. 7pm, 2435 N. Quad, FREE!
  2. In this hauntingly melancholy film, geologist José Renato, travels to Sertão, an isolated region in Northeastern Brazil. His goal is to assess possible routes for a water canal from the region’s only river. For many of the region’s inhabitants, the canal will be a lifeline, the chance of a future and source of hope. But for those living on the canal’s direct course, it means only requisitions, departure and loss.

Fri. 2/8This will be great!

  • John Russo, Screenwriter of Night of the Living Dead Talks
  1. 3:00-5pm: Friday February 8, SAC production Studio A, North Quad
  2. 7pm: Screening of Night of the Living Dead, Angell Hall Auditorium A
  • Open Discussion on writing & directing Horror films including special Horror film clips.
  • John Russo Intro to film and Q&A after film

Upcoming Events

Sac Concentration Mixer:3/15, 1440 NQ, 12:30-3:00 pm!

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or visit us at 4345 in the Michigan Union.


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