We’re Back! Events 1/12-1/20

Posted: January 14, 2013 by ryanburdick4400 in Events
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Hope you had an excellent break, we’re back for more events!

Featured Event (an FVSA social outing to…)

  • Revel!Revel: Queer Costume Dance Party
  1. Thurs. 1/17, 9:30pm, Blind Pig, $5 (under 21 $8).
  2. Two FVSA members will be performing including a live set from Soundz of Sudz. Facebook Event here! Join us for a night that is sure to be remembered.

This Week’s Events

Mon. 1/14

  • Lisa Nakamura’s Lecture on Navajo Women’s Labor and the Gendering of Semiconductor Manufacture
  1. 4-5:30pm, Tisch  Rm. 1014, FREE!
  2. Contemporary digital media production centers on the Asia-Pacific region–Silicon Valley and China, sites where software and hardware are made.  Asians and Asia have become racialized as digital; the “nimble fingers” of Asian women are a key resource in digital industries.  However, this gendering and racialization of computer manufacture as women of colors’ work has a forgotten earlier history.

Wed. 1/16

  1. UofM Flint (click link above for more info).

Thurs. 1/17

  1. 9:30pm, Blind Pig, $5 (under 21 $8).
  2. Outlandish: Welcomed. Costumes: Encouraged. Debauchery: Inevitable. Facebook Event here!

Upcoming Events

FVSA Internship Panel/Mass Meeting (before February)

Follow us on FacebookTwitter Youtube

or visit us at 4345 in the Michigan Union.


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