Featured Event

  • Directing Workshop w. Television Director Mark Cendrowski
  1. Friday, 10/26, 3-5pm, N. Quad Studio A, FREE!
  2. On Friday, October 26, Director Mark Cendrowski (Director of the hit television situation comedy “The Big Bang Theory”) will be conducting a workshop in North Quad Studio A from 3-5 PM.  Working with scenes from “The Big Bang Theory” and actors from the Department of Theater and Drama, Mr. Cendrowski will demonstrate how to block and direct scenes for multi-camera style production.  This is a wonderful opportunity to observe a director at the top of his craft direct actors and cameras, and a chance for you to ask questions about careers in Hollywood.  Not to be missed!

This Week’s Events

Tues. 10/23

  1. 7-9pm, Shapiro Library, Rm. 2160, FREE!
  2. This film is part of a thematic series of events leading up to the October 31-November 2, 2012 conference, “A New Insurgency: The Port Huron Statement in Its Time and Ours.” It is free and open to the public.

Thurs. 10/27

  • Penny Stamps Lecture: Oliver Stone
  1. 5:10pm, Michigan Theater, FREE!
  2. One of the most controversial directors in Hollywood, Oliver Stone has made films that are remarkable both for their handling of subject matter and the degree of controversy such handling inspires. A producer, screenwriter, and actor, Stone is consistently identified with his more political works, includingPlatoon and Nixon. Despite this association, Stone has stated that his films are “first and foremost dramas about individuals in personal struggles,” and he believes himself to be a dramatist rather than a political filmmaker.  His current project, the 10-part TV documentary, The Untold History of the United States, focuses on the last 60 years of America’s history, debunking some heroes while crediting those previously lost to history. Stone has received three Academy Awards and 31 nominations.
  1. 7-9pm, AADL Downtown Branch, FREE!
  2. This film is part of a thematic series of events leading up to the October 31-November 2, 2012 conference, “A New Insurgency: The Port Huron Statement in Its Time and Ours.” It is free and open to the public.
  • Nosferatu w/ Live Organ
  1. 8pm, Michigan Theater, Students: Buy 1 get 1 free w/ MCard!
  2. A community tradition! One of the greatest horror films of all time accompanied by Steven Ball’s original score LIVE on the Michigan Theater’s 1927 Barton pipe organ.F. W. Murnau‘s landmark vampire film Nosferatu begins in the Carpathian mountains, where real estate agent Hutter (Gustav von Wagenheim) has arrived to close a sale with the reclusive Herr Orlok (Max Schreck). Despite the feverish warnings of the local peasants, Hutter insists upon completing his journey to Orlok’s sinister castle. While enjoying his host’s hospitality, Hutter accidently cuts his finger-whereupon Orlok tips his hand by staring intently at the bloody digit, licking his lips. Hutter catches on that Orlok is no ordinary mortal when he witnesses the vampiric nobleman loading himself into a coffin in preparation for his journey to Bremen. By the time the ship bearing Orlok arrives at its destination, the captain and crew have all been killed-and partially devoured. There follows a wave of mysterious deaths in Bremen, which the local authorities attribute to a plague of some sort. But Ellen, Hutter’s wife, knows better. Armed with the knowledge that a vampire will perish upon exposure to the rays of the sun, Ellen offers herself to Orlok, deliberately keeping him “entertained” until sunrise. At the cost of her own life, Ellen ends Orlok’s reign of terror once and for all.

Fri. 10/26

  1. 7-9pm, Nat. Sci. Aud, FREE!
  2. TOKYO CHORUS (Tōkyō no kōrasu) Shinji Okajima stands up for a colleague at his insurance company and gets fired on the annual bonus day. Okajima, married with three children, must find ways to cope with the sudden loss by selling his wife’s clothes. Unsuccessful at finding a new job, he stumbles upon his old P.E. teacher, who asks him to help promote his restaurant and a new life starts from there. (90 min, 35 mm, 1931).
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show Midnight Experience!
  1. Midnight Screening (get there 10:45pm to meet us), State Theater, Buy your ticket before the show, it WILL sell out

Upcoming Events

SAC Concentration Mixer: Fri. Nov. 2nd, 12:00PM-3PM, Sharred Studio of N. Quad (Rm. 1440)

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