Featured Event

  1. Fri. 10/26, 11:59pm, State Theater, $10. 
  2. The FVSA (I) want to go as a HUGE group to the King of Midnight Movies, and you are invited. If you would like to join & get a group discount, drop off $10 before 10/14 @ 9PM.
  3. Let’s do the Time Warp AGAIN!

This Weeks Events

Mon. 10/1

  1. 6-9pm, Michigan Theater, FREE!
  2. 6:00pm:  Reception in the main lobby. 7:00pm:  Screening in the main theater. 8:30pm:  Q&A with  the film’s star Ms. Cheng Peipei.
  3. The U-M Center for Chinese Studies presents a first ever director King Hu film retrospective, beginning with the screening of “Come Drink with Me” at the Michigan Theater.  Set during the Ming Dynasty, the film stars Cheng Peipei and Yueh Hua as warriors, with Chan Hung-lit as the villain.  It is widely considered one of the best Hong Kong films ever made.

Tues. 10/2

  1. 7-9PM, Shapiro Library, Rm. 2160, FREE!
  2. This film is part of a thematic series of events leading up to the October 31-November 2, 2012 conference, “A New Insurgency: The Port Huron Statement in Its Time and Ours.” It is free and open to the public.

Thurs. 10/4

  1. 7-9PM, Natural Sci. Bld, Kraus Auditorium, FREE!
  2. The Nam Center and the U-M Screen Arts and Cultures Department, in association with the Museum of Modern Art and The Korea Society, present the Ann Arbor Korean Independent Film Festival 2012 on U-M Central Campus, drawing attendees from U-M, Michigan State, Oakland and Wayne State universities and filmgoers from Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana. The premiere film, screened in conjunction with The Korea Society’s Korea Days, on October 4 at 7pm, will be Pung-san-gae (Poongsan). The festival will also feature a screening at the Ann Arbor District Library’s Downtown Branch of Leafie, an animated film.
  1. 7:30pm, East Hall, Rm. 4448, FREE!
  2. Agnieszka Holland, director. (115 min., 1997) A thoughtful adaptation of Henry James’ novel of class consciousness and disappointed love. When Catherine, the shy, awkward daughter of a wealthy doctor, is courted by a charming suitor, her inheritance is jeopardized and the household’s traditional gender roles are shaken.

Fri. 10/1

  1. 7-9PM, Nat. Sci. Bld, Nat. Sci. Aud, FREE!
  2.  LADY AND THE BEARD (Shukujo to hige) Ozu’s 20th film.Okajima, a well-known fencing master, thanks to his menacing beard, frightens everyone and makes it difficult for himself to find a job or meet women. One day, he rescues a girl named Hiroko while she is being threatened by hoodlums. Following Hiroko’s advice, Okajima shaves his beard, which reveals his handsome face. The change in his appearance helps him to find a job; he even gets asked out by three women. (75 min, 35 mm, 1931)
  3. DJ performance by Arwulf-Arwulf.

Upcoming Events

Rocky Horror Picture Show: Fri. Oct. 26th, 11:59PM

SAC Concentration Mixer: Fri. Nov. 2nd, 12:00PM-3PM, Sharred Studio of N. Quad (Rm. 1440)

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