Events 3/12-3/18

Posted: March 12, 2012 by ryanburdick4400 in Events

Featured Event

  • SAC Concentration Fair
  1. Wed, 3/14, 11AM-3PM, League Ballroom, FREE!
  2. Come hear about the Screen Arts department, and see a REACT to FILM screening in the background.
Wed. 3/14
  1. 7PM-9PM, N. Quad, Space 2435 (S. entrance to building), FREE!
  2. The Human Language Series is made up of three films. We will show the first two. Film 1 – Discovering the Human Language: “Colorless Green Ideas” Noam Chomsky asks, “You meet somebody, say, at a bus stop, and you start having a conversation. How do you do it?” How does anyone know what word to say next? Program one is about words, sentences, and something unique to our species: syntax. Film 2 – Acquiring the Human Language: “Playing the Language Game” Are children wrong when they say “he drived” and “two gooses?” How does anyone know what a word really means? Do we inherit grammar? Program two is about how children “acquire” language without seeming to be taught.
  1. 7PM-9PM, Union, 3rd Floor,  CSG Chambers, FREE!
  2. Join the members of the LGBT Issues Commission of the Central Student Government for a movie and discussion session about LGBT history and politics. This is also a great opportunity to meet more LGBTQ people and allies, and to have a dialogue about how howe we see our place on this campus.This event will be held from 7-9 p.m. in CSG Chambers on the 3rd floor of the Union.
Fri. 3/16
  1. 8PM-3PM, 400 4th Street (Argus), Free!
  2. We are looking for a TON of party-goer extras to rave that night, so tell all your friends. Footage from the rave will be featured in the short film, to premiere at Lightworks on April 21st in Ann Arbor and at the Traverse City Film Festival in August.

    **Attendees are asked to wear non-St. Patrick’s Day themed party wear**


    Find out more about the film at our Facebook page:

Screen Arts & Cultures Announcement

  • SAC Undergraduate Dinner Party & the Opening Night Screenings
  1. Tues. 3/27, 5:30PM-7:30PM, The Blue Tractor, FREE for SAC Majors, (RSVP to
  2. The Screen Arts & Cultures department is hosting a dinner party at The Blue Tractor (downstairs) for SAC Undergraduate majors on Tuesday March 27 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.  SAC Undergraduate majors at the dinner reception will be given a free admission/ticket to the 50th Anniversary Opening Night Screenings of Ann Arbor Film Festival that evening at 8:00 p.m. located in the Michigan Theater. Don’t miss this event – dinner at The Blue Tractor and free admission/ticket to the opening night screenings at the 50th anniversary of the Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Upcoming Events

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or visit us at 4345 in the Michigan Union.

Sun. 12-1PM

Wed. 8PM-10PM


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