Lightworks F ’11 Recap

Posted: December 19, 2011 by ryanburdick4400 in Event Recaps

As Colin Gunkel said, “It ran like clockwork.”

Thanks for coming out. Below are the awards & winners. See you in the new year!

Best of Fest: The Private Eyes of Lou Manteca

Audience Award: Naveed

Best Director 300: Derby Girls-Carolyn Klarecki

Best Director 400: People Mover-Ben Duchan

Best Actor: Jonathan Davidson

Best Actress: Ava Rosenwald

*Best Animation: Not So Super Mario  Bros.

Best Cinematography 300: In-Between

Best Cinematography 400: Indian Village

Best Editing 300: Chalk Western

Best Editing 400: People Mover

Best Sound Design: The Last Meal

*Best Original Score: Parking Structure

Best Production Design: Blue Yarn

Best Documentary: Beer People

Best Experimental: Indian Village

Best Screenplay: The Private Eyes of Lou Manteca-Greg Smith

Honorable Mentions:

Best End of Semester Film/Fake SAC Term Paper: Mike and Melissa Hang Out With A Squirrel

HM Director: Brandon Verdi

*Please comment below if you represent Not So Super Mario Bros.  or Parking Structure to receive your DVD prize.

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