Events 11/14-11/20

Posted: November 14, 2011 by ryanburdick4400 in Events

Featured Event

  1. Wed, 11/16, 8pm, MLB, Aud. 1, Free!
  2. The central front in the battle for America’s energy future, with enormous consequences for the health and economic prospects of every citizen, is the fight for Appalachian coal. In valleys and on mountaintops throughout the heart of the eastern seaboard, the coal industry detonates the explosive power of a Hiroshima bomb each and every week, shredding timeless landscape to bring coal wealth to a few, and leaving devastated communities and poisoned water to many. With politicians siding with their corporate donors, it falls to a rag tag army of local activists to stand alone for the welfare of their families, their heritage and for a principled and sound energy future. Our film is their film – the uplifting story of the power of ordinary citizens to remake the future when they have the determination and courage to do so.
Fri. 11/18
  • SAC Concentration Fair
  1. 3PM-4PM, North Quad Dinning Hall, Free!
  2. Information meeting followed by free cider and doughnuts!
  1. 7PM, Nat Sci. Aud. Free!
  2. It’s not out on DVD until December 6th, but you can see Tate Taylor’s THE HELP on Friday, November 18 at 7pm for FREE with M-Flicks!

Coming Up

Ugly Holiday Sweater Party- Dec. 6th

Dinner & a Movie @ Sava’s/Michigan Theater: Wed. 11/30

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or visit us at 4345 in the Michigan Union.

Office Hours:

Tues. 2:30PM-8:30PM

Wed. 1PM-2PM


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