Events 11/9-11/15

Posted: November 9, 2010 by ryanburdick4400 in Events

Featured Event

  1. Fri 11/12, 7pm-9:30pm, Lorch Hall, Askwith Aud, Free!
  2. If you haven’t been to one of the brilliant Kurasawa screenings yet, this is your last chance! Sanjuro ends the series.

Tues. 11/9

  1. 5pm-7pm, School of Public Health, 1755 Aud, Free!
  2. Since 1998 a brutal war has been raging in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Over 4 million people have died. And there are the uncountable casualties: the many tens of thousands of women & girls who have been systematically kidnapped, raped, mutilated & tortured by soldiers from both foreign militias & the Congolese army. In The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo these brave women finally speak. Note that depicted in the film is Dr. Denis Mukwege, the 2010 recipient of the U-M Wallenberg medal.
  • Film Series: International Development Issues—Four Countries
  1. 8pm, North Quad, Free!
  2. Issues, problems, successes and failures of international development will be explored by viewing films about four countries followed by discussion. Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai is the inspiring story of the Green Belt Movement and its Nobel Laureate founder (Oct. 26). End of the Rainbow is about the impact of gold mining in Guinea (Nov. 2). Poto Mitan is the story of five Haitian women who struggle against huge obstacles to create change through collective action (Nov. 9). Once in Afghanistan is a film about the work of female Peace Corps vaccinators and its impact on them and Afghans (Nov. 16). This program is co-sponsored by the Global Scholars Program, LSA Theme Semester and the International Center.

Thurs. 11/11

  1. 7pm, Michigan Union, 3909 MSA Chambers
  2. It’s one of the biggest hot button issues of the moment: the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. The film Ask Not does a great job of discussing the policy and its effects on those who are actually serving or have been discharged under the policy. Please join us for a screening of the film and a short discussion after with some amazing panelists who can share their personal experiences having served under the policy and give you an update of where the policy stands right now. Light refreshments will be served.

Fri. 11/12

  1. 7pm-9:30pm, Lorch Hall, Askwith Aud, Free!
  2. In another comedy with swords, the masterless samurai of Yojimbo returns to impose his brand of justice on a corrupt clan, in the process teaching a group of youngsters what it really means to be a samurai.

Sat. 11/13

  • The Trial (Orson Welles, 1963)
  1. 7pm-9pm, Lorch Hall, Free!
  2. Brilliantly capturing the oppressive paranoia of Franz Kafka’s classic novel, Orson Welles’ THE TRIAL is the story of the young clerk, Josef K., who is arrested, tried and finally executed—all without knowing his crime. Welles filmed this baroque work of genius in a deserted Belle Epoque railway station in Paris. The strange setting perfectly captured the bizarre and nightmarish world of Kafka’s mythical and totalitarian state. 35mm restored print.

Sun. 11/14

  1. 5:30pm, Museum of Art, Helmut Stern Aud, Free!
  2. Singer-songwriter and performance artist Stew was commissioned by the Public Theater of New York to develop Passing Strange, a heartfelt and hilarious story of a young bohemian who charts a course for “the real” through sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Loaded with soulful lyrics and overflowing with passion, the story takes the audience from black, middle-class America to Amsterdam, Berlin, and beyond on a journey towards personal and artistic authenticity. After its move from the Public Theater to Broadway, director Spike Lee and cinematographer Matthew Libatique committed the musical to film, shooting a live production on high definition cameras from multiple angles.Stay connected with us on TwitterFacebook as well!


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